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Custom Road 


Building a bike has its advantages over getting one out of the box.  The big suppliers have to cater for the average rider, so you can end up with some costly changes to make the bike right for you.  So if you are after a trainning bike, a commuter or a full on race bike we can build whatever you like.  Below is a list of the options you get to pick to make the bike right for you.  Rather than just a size and a groupset option.  You can aslo prioritise where the money is spent.  So if you want light wheels or a super high end electronic gear shifting then it is all possible. Plus if you have some of your own bits we can use them to start the project. 


Custom Build options 


  • Finishing Kit 

    • Bar Width 

    • Stem Length / Height

    • Grips

    • Saddle 

    • Material (alloy/ Carbon)

  • Wheels 

    • Custom or pre built. 

    • Tyre options 

  • Frame option 

    • Material (Alloy or Carbon)

    • Disc or Caliper Style 

    • Style (Allroad, Race, Commute)

    • Size

  • Transmission 

    • Brand (Shimano, Sram, Campag)

    • Gear ratio

    • Crank Length  


Custom Road Example.


The Cavazzo is designed to be the most versatile bike on the market, using just one frame you can build four bikes suited to different purposes.

From everyday commuting to weekend adventure, cyclocross and gravel riding. The all-new Cavazzo frame has been engineered to be strong and light, with excellent handling that is able to adapt to the rigours of all the different riding disciplines it is able to cover.


The Cavazzo has clearance for a 700c x 40mm tyre or a 27.5 x 1.9 MTB tyre (27.5 x 2.1 slick). It has bosses for full 50mm mudguards and can take front and rear racks with a weight limit of 15kg on the front and 25kg on the rear – a rare feature on a carbon frame.

Flat disc brake mounts are used to be compatible with all new hydraulic disc brake systems from SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo. The Cavazzo is suitable for all electronic and mechanical groupsets.


Frameset only £899     Tiagra complete £1799      Tiagra Commuter £1649

Cavasso front

Cavasso front

Cavasso rear

Cavasso rear



Cavasso Commute

Cavasso Commute

Cavazzo Tiagra

Cavazzo Tiagra




Cinelli offer a great range of frames.  In steel, alloy and carbon.  Which cover single speed fixed style frames all the way up to carbon allroad frames and bikes.   They have their own Bars, stems, saddles and bar tape to finish your build off with that cinelli edge.  



Check out there site HERE



Tifosi have a range of great value road frames in carbon or alloy.   With an alloy frameset starting just £299 and Carbon from  £649 its a great place to start build a bike from.  We can do a Carbon frame bike with Tiagra 10 speed from £1300. 

Or you could go for the Mons which is the worlds lightest production bike.  with Super record at £8999. 


Check out their range HERE



From our earliest products, the objectives at Kinesis UK have always been to create bikes, bike frames, wheels and components for road, cyclocross, adventure and mountain bikes that excel in UK riding conditions. 

Some of our greatest products stem from designs originally created for our employees and friends to ride. For us to put a Kinesis UK badge on any product it must be well made and dependable all year round, perform at a level beyond its price point and help people have fun while riding.


Check there rage out HERE

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